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Bub Can Rap Literacy Program

Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


The Bub Can Rap Literacy Program is the best way to help your child start reading on their own today! Accelerate their reading and empower them with unequaled beginner reader confidence. Bub Can Rap Book Summary: Come make a hit music jam in Bub Can Rap! Bub and his friends take a musical adventure through 1, 2, and 3-letter words that will have you rapping and tapping along to easy sentences that build confidence. With fun rhymes and an impactful message of faith, this musical journey inspires a deeper love for reading and gives children the opportunity to read completely on their own at a younger age. So jump in now and bump up the sound of fun with Bub Can Rap! Program Steps: 1. Bub Can Rap Animation Video - to inspire your child for reading Bub Can Rap 2. Bub Can Rap Activity Worksheet - practice literacy concepts to prepare for reading Bub Can Rap 3. Bub Can Rap Narration Video - A highly powerful resource, which reads the book aloud to the children, helping them practice letter sounds, site words, and more. 4. Bub Can Rap eBook - Read Bub Can Rap all by yourself! There is an option to order the paperback version of Bub Can Rap before the program or when you get to this step.


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