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Beginner Reader Book Series

Our mission is for children to gain essential reading confidence and develop a deeper passion for reading. The Grow Goodness Beginner Reader Series takes children through an easy progression of books that enable and empower them to read sooner. The series starts with just single letters and numbers, progresses to easy 2-letter words, and finishes with optimal 3-letter words.

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Written by 2-Time National Teacher of the Year!

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Launch your child's reading today!

   A portion of all sales provides educational materials for children-in-need 

I C U, with 1-letter words and numbers

Can be read once a child simply knows letters and numbers

Typical beginner books with 4, 5, and 6-letter words frustrate children. I C U gives children an amazing opportunity to read their first book on their own by using only single letters and numbers. This feeling of achievement instantly increases confidence and inspires a deeper passion for reading.


Hi Bu Bu, with 1 and 2-letter words

The easiest book to read once a child knows letter sounds

Hi Bu Bu features easy 2-letter words so children can combine letters sounds, form words, and begin reading sooner on their own. These easy words are extremely advantageous to increase children's self-value, creativity, brain development and communication skills at a younger age. 


Bub Can Rap, with 1, 2 and 3-letter words

Optimal for beginner reader development

Join Bub and his friends on a musical journey like you have never seen before. This highly engaging adventure is full of fun rhymes, playful characters, and ends with an impactful message of faith.


Bub Can Rap is a revolutionary book, perfect for inspiring early-readers. Most beginner books have 4, 5 and 6-letter words that are too difficult and discouraging to read. Bub Can Rap solves this by using easy 3-letter words that are most optimal for beginner-reader development. This gives children the best opportunity to increase confidence and success. Have fun with Bub and his friends on this spectacular reading journey!

My Pal Bub, with 1, 2 and 3-letter words

Optimal for beginner reader development

Immerse into the hilarious and engaging 3-letter word book My Pal Bub, a heartfelt story about friendship and meeting fun animals. This beginner reader book with all 26 letters creates a highly valuable opportunity for children to read easy words at a young age and build treasured confidence. Enjoy the turning of pages with Bub and his friends in this epic 3D journey!

Bub Can Rap
Hi Bu Bu
My Pal Bub
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