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Launch your child’s literacy with the Grow Goodness Reading Starter Kit. Increase literacy, build confidence, and develop a love for reading in your child with the easiest books and videos. This program helps children read on their own 1 - 2 years sooner. Remember, reading sooner boosts success!


This Kit includes:

1.) 3 Animation Videos - To excite the children for the steps ahead

2.) 3 Activity Worksheets - To build the skills needed to read each book

3.) 3 Narration Videos - Each book is completely read aloud by a narrator who sounds out each word and letter sound for children to learn site words and phonics.

4.) 3 Grow Goodness Books - I C U, On Bo We Go, My Pal Bub - For your child to read on their own

5.) 3 Author Book Readings - Mr. Goodness reads each book to the children with excitement, inspiration, an fun!


Grow Goodness Book Package

$59.85 Regular Price
$49.95Sale Price
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