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What does it take for you to be bold?

Boldness that will stop you from second guessing yourself

“It is not the one who credits himself who is approved, but the one whom the Lord credits” -2 Corinthians 10:18

What does it take for you to be bold? Do you listen to your favorite song, call a friend for encouragement, or watch a clip of your favorite movie scene? Well, for me, I often find myself bolder after I spend time with God. 

One afternoon I was walking to my car after a bible study and I passed a family who had their car parked in the same area as me.

I noticed 3 children playing in the bushes nearby and their parents were resting with seats reclined in their car. There were large garbage bags piled up in the trunk and I began to remember that the coronavirus was impacting people economically. 

I came to realize that this just might be where these people are in life right now -living out of their car. I continued to walk to my car and felt God whisper to me, “Go and pray for them.” 

Right away I felt nervous. I mean, it’s hard to approach random people and just ask them if you can pray for them!

But what helped conquer my nerves was thinking of how much God has done for me and how he's sent so many people to help me in my life when I needed it. So, I turned around and went to go pray for the family. 

The husband and wife looked tired, hopeless, and not too present. After praying for them I saw that their presence had completely changed, and that hope had been restored within them. The promises of God give us the ability to share who he is and what he can do.

When we are reminded of these life-giving promises our faith and hope grows. 

I started walking back to my car and the Lord whispered in my ear again, “Go give them all of the money in your wallet." 

"Woh God! Really?" 

I wanted to continue to serve and obey God in whatever he asked of me. I walked back and gave the husband the money from my wallet and he had such a big smile on his face. 

They were so thankful, and although I was sure that the money wouldn’t change their lives, at least it grew some goodness in their current situation. 

The last thing I said was that this money was not from me, it is from Jesus, just so that they could give credit to where the credit was really due. 2 Corinthians 10:18 says, “It is not the one who credits himself who is approved, but the one whom the Lord credits.” 

We are not to take credit or glory for anything because it is only by and for God that we do anything. So today, and every day, be bold! Who knows when and where God wants to use you to grow goodness in someone’s life. #bold

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