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Beginner Books

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Grow Goodness books enable children to read on their own 1 to 2 years sooner by using the easiest words written by 2-Time National Teacher of the Year Hunter Menning.

Start Reading Now


 Reading Sooner Boosts Success 


To Literacy and Beyond.

A literacy program book package to read 1 - 2 years sooner.

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"As a reading specialist with two PhDs in education, including curriculum and child and developmental psychology, and a third PhD in ministry and theology, I can say I have seen no other material more suited for young or beginning readers with the proper introduction of letters, sounds, and words as in the Grow Goodness Beginner Reader Series."

Dr. Mike Currier

Reading Specialist with a PhD in Education for Curriculum and Child Development Psycology

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Benefits  from our books

 Our beginner help children  read 1 to 2 years sooner and gain profound early reader benefits such as:

Preparing Drinks

Engaging Illustrations