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Why does the world need more goodness?

We live in a world full of poverty, war, and many dark things. Children are lacking in education and this leads to future crime and even jail detention. With the introduction of entertaining education and animation, we want to make learning the most fun and easy that it has ever been!

Life success is meant for everyone, but unfortunately not everyone ends up having it. By teaching valuable principles, educational necessities, and life lessons, we hope to change that issue now! With all of the unfortunate things in this world it’s clear that it needs more Goodness and we want to Grow more of it.

About Grow Goodness

Image by Ben White

Grow Goodness is an entertainment, animation, and education company that exists to increase happiness and life success! Our core values include love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. 

We create easy to read children’s books, some of them being the easiest in the world, with only 1-letter words and other books with only 2 & 3-letters words. We want to see every person succeed in life and we are focused to start as early as possible!

We also put Goodness in motion through inspiring animation and moral/faith-based children’s education. Our original animation is nothing like the world has seen before with transformational content that is meant to inspire life change. 

The main character of our animation is called Bubeyeball Bubbleblower! He's a bible with an eyeball and 'all about seeing the truth!' His fuzzy and warm presence is brings meaning to the word Goodness.

Explore our books, animation, products, blog and more! Please join in on the mission to Grow Goodness.

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