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Mo and the Son Literacy Program.


The Mo and the Son Literacy Program is the best way to help your child start reading on their own today! Accelerate their reading and empower them with unequaled beginner reader confidence. Mo and the Son Book Summary: Grow your child’s faith and reading confidence with Mo and the Son, an amazing story about finding the key of life. With easy 1, 2, and 3-letter words, this book is a fantastic story for children to read about a special character, Mo Goodness, who experiences the wonder of meeting God. In a message of love that will grow a child’s passion for reading, this beginner book holds life lessons and a true joy that will leave a lasting impact. Join Mo in this exciting adventure to discover the key of life. Program Steps: 1. Mo and the Son Animation Video - to inspire your child for reading Mo and the Son 2. Mo and the Son Activity Worksheet - an engaging activity to build excitement for reading Mo and the Son 3. Mo and the Son Narration Video - A highly powerful resource, which reads the book aloud to the children, helping them practice letter sounds, site words, and more. 4. Mo and the Son Book - Read Mo and the Son all by yourself.

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