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Increase school readiness and build confidence with the easiest progression of books and resources that will help your child read on their own 1 - 2 years sooner.

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 Reading Sooner Boosts Success 

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See how it works from Mr. Goodness!

Is this book package right for my child?

If just one of these points below applies to your child, then this program is right for them.

  • A beginner reader

  • 2 - 8 years old

  • Behind in reading

If your child is:

If your child needs to learn:

  • Not read a book on their own

  • A reading disability

  • Lack of reading confidence

  • The Alphabet

  • Letter sounds

  • Literacy basics

If your child has:

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Our Books

Read 1 - 2 Years Sooner

Benefits of our Books

The average beginner book is too hard for a child to read on their own. Plain and simple. At Grow Goodness, we have created a series of books that enable children to read on their own 1 - 2 years sooner than average. Creatively written, the easiest of our books starts with just simple letter identification and single digit counting. Then, we offer a variety of other books that take baby steps to build a child's literacy.

If children can read on their own, rather than be read to, they access more than 15 early reader benefits. Learn more about some of the top benefits below.

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Increased Reading Confidence

Increased Academic Success


Increased School Readiness

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Letter Practice


Phonological Awareness



Animation Video

To inspire children.


1. Wholesome

We want every parent to be assured that their child is watching safe, clean, wholesome content. While holding those values, we are still able to engage children, make them smile, and enjoy what they are watching.

2. Inspiring

Our goal is to uplift children and promote goodness in their life. This element of the literacy program gets children excited to read the book all on their own - a very big task for beginner readers.

3. Humorous

We want children to laugh and experience the joy of a big smile on their face. To do that, we often incorporate humorous songs, dancing, and silly interactions. 


Watch Animation Preview

Watch a preview of the Animation Video from our easy 1 and 2-letter word book, On Bo We Go.

Activity Worksheet

High-yielding activity to build literacy skills


Benefits of our Activities

Depending which book you choose, the activity will build the literacy skills needed to read that book. These activities are easy and simple to use at home and will build a rich home learning environment. Practice a range of topics from letter knowledge, phonological awareness, counting, writing, coloring, rhyming, and more depending on which book you get.

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Increase Literacy Skills


Easy to Use


Variety of Levels

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Rich Home Learning

Narration Video

A powerful book reading experience


Site Word Development

Learning site words is one of the most important milestones of a child's literacy journey. These videos rapidly get children familiar with the words they will need to read these books and other in the future. 

Letter Sounds

The narration videos not only read every word from the book aloud, buy they also sound out every word, ultimately helping children grow in their phonological knowledge.

Interactive Literacy

Children interact with these videos, repeating after the narrator says a letter, letter sound, or word. This practice builds key neuron connections in the brain to help children learn faster and better.


Watch Preview

Watch a preview of the narration video from our easy 1 and 2-letter word book, On Bo We Go, and experience the powerful impact.

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